A Preacher's Ponderings

A Preacher's Ponderings

God's Patience

The more famous verse is 2 Peter 3:9.  You know it well – “The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise…”  -- you’re finishing the rest in mind right now, aren’t you.  It is a powerful reminder of God’s incredible patience.

But the passage that for some reason resonates with me more is a few verses later, 2 Peter 3: 15, “Bear in mind that our Lord’s patience means salvation…”  A little more subtle, but just as impactful.

God’s patience means salvation.

Patience has an objective.  No one is patient just to be patient.  You are not slow to anger simply because you have no other option.  If that were the case, it’d be a much kinder world.  Why are you patient with your children in the midst of their misbehavior.  You have a goal in mind.  Will your patience lead to some better decision-making on their part?  That’s what you’re hoping.  Is patience the easiest option?  Yea…right!

God has options.  Have you ever read about Korah (Numbers 16)?  Or, how about the great flood of Genesis 6?  He chooses to be patient.  I wouldn’t dare even hint at suggesting that I understand God.  Does he wrestle with his emotions?  Does he talk himself in or out of things?  I would think that considering what’s been going on in this world for a long, long time, it would have to be mighty hard to be patient.

God has a goal.  He wants our salvation.  He wants us to be able to rise above the great, final inferno.  God let the sun rise this morning because he wants you to be saved.  He doesn’t need another day to look at the sun, or listen to the birds, or be entertained by mankind’s latest escapades. 

Every rising and setting of the sun, every accident I don’t have, every illness I survive, should be a reminder of a patient God.  Every day is an opportunity to be saved and stay saved.  How inexcusable it is to not be saved.

Our Lord’s patience means salvation.



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