Upcoming/Special Events

Upcoming/Special Events

Faith in Action | June 12, 2018

On June 12, 2018 the Woods´Čüeld Church of Christ will have the opportunity to help the community by giving your time from 9:00 am to 5:00pm at Broken Timber Outdoor Education Center at Hannibal Industrial Park. Broken Timber is a nonprofit organization that provides God's great outdoors to head starts, elementary & high schools, county homes, care centers, 4-H clubs, boy scouts, girl scouts, Heritage Girls, Cub Scouts, Church Youth Groups and individuals.

It is free and no one receives any money for teaching or providing services to the Ohio Valley. It’s all volunteer work.

The facility needs a little makeover. We need your help in areas of cleaning, repairs, painting, brush trimming, etc... Brent McConnell and Mark Landefeld serve on the board and various members of the church family have placed membership with Broken Timber. We walk over 2000 people thru events of Broken Timber each year.

We will provide food for all the volunteers who help on June 12m and we hope to bring the church all together for a onetime event in 2018. There is work for any age to do. Your efforts are needed and appreciated. May God Bless volunteers to help other volunteers to make Monroe County shine for God.

Please pray for “Faith in Action” on June 12th. Broken Timber has served the Monroe County residents for 12 years. We just signed a contract for 3 more years. Your Faith in Action can make a great difference for the future of teaching young children about the beauty of Gods creation and the respect of wildlife God has created for us to enjoy. Let’s share a day of fellowship and fun with our Senior Youth Group on June 12.