Upcoming/Special Events

Upcoming/Special Events

New Bible Classes, New Time! - June 2nd | 9AM

With the completion of the Fellowship Building addition nearing, we are excited to begin using this new tool for the kingdom, as well as begin our new section of Bible classes. After the fellowship hall is completed, we will be transitioning to a Sunday morning Bible class at 9am, in an effort to make it easier for parents to bring their children to Sunday School. Worship will remain at 10am. The new children’s curriculum, called “Shaping Hearts for God,” focuses on covering the entire Bible chronologically, with a colorful, engaging format and age-appropriate design and vocabulary. The adults will also be moving their Sunday School class time to the morning at 9am, and will begin an engaging video guided Bible study in Apologetics—how do we give answers about our faith to the questions and doubts of the world? Please join us for this exciting new time and new Bible class format!

Video Series - Wednesday, December 11th

Grand parenting video series starting December 11th in the main auditorium.

Parenting video series starting December 11th in the Fellowship Building.