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"All In With My Boldness" - 25m:22s

Series: All In: A Journey Through Acts

Scripture Reading:  Acts 4:23-31

Bold?  Or Just Dumb…

There’s a country song that was popular when I was in high school entitled “Chicks Dig It.”  In the song, the singer, Chris Cagle, relays personal stories doing stunts to attract a girl’s attention: jumping off of a shed, driving through a ditch.  Each time, he encounters some sort of bruise or bangup or “battle scar.” The chorus is the same for each verse: “Scars heal, glory fades, and all were left with are the memories made.  Pain hurts, but only for a minute. Life is short so go on and live it ‘cause the chicks dig it!”

I don’t know about you, but there have been plenty of times I’ve personally done or seen things done to impress someone, and I couldn’t tell you for sure if it was worth it.  The scars and embarrassing stories sometimes don’t produce the kind of result we were really hoping for. Was it bold? Sure. Dumb? Probably…

So, what’s the difference between bold and just plain dumb?  What type of thing is worth being bold about, and what is just a waste of time?  Join us this morning as we continue our “ALL IN” series with “ALL IN with my Boldness.”




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