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Won By The Gospel To Win The Gospel

Won By The Gospel To Win The Gospel

Series: The Gospel of Mark

Scripture Reading: Mark 1:9-15

The Gospel of Mark

Of all the stories in the Bible, the story of Jesus is the most significant.  In some ways, you might say the rest of the stories in Scripture revolve around it.  If it’s that significant, we should probably study it, right?

Over the next several months, we’ll be working through the gospel of Mark in our time together Sunday mornings.  We’ll break occasionally to talk about other things as needed, but I want us to become more acquainted with the story of our Savior over the next several months, and ask some questions:  Why is this story so important? What does it change about the world? About my life? What are the uncovered truths in Jesus’ life that could help us in ours?

I’m looking forward to this time together.  I hope you’ll find a renewed interest in the story of Christ and his life, and along the way be able to draw encouragement for your own life as we follow Jesus together.  And, if you don’t know Him yet, this would be a great introduction to Him!


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