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Light In A Dark Place

Light In A Dark Place

Scripture Reading: Luke 2:22-32

Light in a Dark Place


Back in the days before electricity, a tightfisted old farmer was taking his hired man to task for carrying a lighted lantern when he went to call on his best girl. "Why," he exclaimed, "when I went a-courtin' I never carried one of them things. I always went in the dark." "Yes," the hired man said wryly," and look what you got!"*

As anyone who has had their power go out before knows that good light is so important!  A few weeks ago, I was in the mountains at my family’s place in western Maryland. There is no running water and no electricity in the cabin; just a few kerosene lanterns and a propane light.  The difference between a good propane lantern and a kerosene lamp is night and day (pun fully intended). With one you can have enough light to read, but with the other you have enough light to do anything in the room you need to.  This morning we’re taking another break from our Mark series as we anticipate celebrating Jesus’ birth in just a few days. Although we know the timing of the year may not be completely accurate, Jesus’ birth was no doubt the single most significant event, aside from his death, this world has ever known.  Jesus’ birth, quite literally, brought light into a dark place. This morning we’ll explore the significance of this event for us, and for the world.


*Story taken from

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