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Calling All Sinners

Calling All Sinners

Series: The Gospel of Mark

Scripture Reading: Mark 2:13-17

All Who Are Thirsty

All who are thirsty

All who are weak

Come to the fountain

Dip your heart in the stream of life

Let the pain and the sorrow

Be washed away

In the waves of His mercy

As deep cries out to deep (We sing)

Come Lord Jesus come (repeat).

—Brenton Brown

The above song lyrics are ones that I sang frequently while in college.  It’s an older song now, and probably not used much at colleges or Winterfest, but the lyrics are still impactful.  We don’t talk much about the beauty of being washed clean forever in the blood of Jesus Christ. We talk about living a moral life—one that is Godly—we talk about pleasing God, but we don’t speak much of the way we were once weak and, crying out to God in our sin, we have now been cleansed.

I say all that to ask you a question.  Have you been offering others this chance?  Have you been open armed by inviting other people into this freedom and forgiveness we experience in Jesus?  Or, have you kept it to yourself. Or worse, have you made it difficult for others to join you in a relationship with God because of the way you act toward them?  This morning we’ll talk about a group of people that made it very hard for others to come to God because of their attitudes toward them. Let’s continue our series on Mark as we look at the calling of Matthew the Tax Collector in Mark 2.


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