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Bending the Rules

Bending the Rules

Series: The Gospel of Mark

Scripture Reading: Mark 2:23-26; Mark 3:1-6

Rules or Relationship?

Some of us are rule followers.  We’ll follow a law or regulation to the very “T” even if it means stressing relationships with others.  Our greatest desire is to be faithful followers of the laws of a company, a government, or an organization we are a part of.  We believe that everyone is better and safer when we adhere to principles and follow guidelines.

Others of us are relationship followers.  We’ll be loyal to our friends and family until death, even if it means ignoring part of a guideline or rule.  When our life is over, we feel the most important thing is how much we were able to be depended on by other people, and how strong our connections were with our fellow men and women.  We believe mankind was meant for relationship, and family and friends are the most important assets we have as human beings.

Obviously, I’m generalizing and stereotyping here.  However, I’ve found that usually, our personalities lean us in one of the above directions.  The difficulty, of course, comes when we find the two conflicting with each other. Rules or relationship?  Does it have to be an either/or? Jesus found himself at odds with the Pharisees (again) in our passage this morning on a technicality in the law.  Would he follow the law? What was his response to the Pharisees and why? Join us this morning as we follow Jesus’ response in Mark 2.



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