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The Making of a Disciple

The Making of a Disciple

Series: The Gospel of Mark

Scripture Reading: Mark 3:7-19

What is Your Religion Worth?

A religion that gives nothing, costs nothing, and suffers nothing, is worth nothing.

—Martin Luther

What is your religion worth?  What has it cost you? What have you suffered for it?  Have you ever thought about what it was like for the early Christians?  Many of them gave up family, jobs, friends, and reputation to follow Christ.  Being a Christian in the 1st century was often associated with being weak and unintelligent.

Being a Christian in America in 2020 can also be tough.  If you are too outspoken about your beliefs, if you are too strict in your morals, if you are too _________, you could hear words like “radical” or “extremist.”  You could lose friends or reputation or job. You could still suffer.

Are you willing to hear those words?  Are you willing to lose everything to gain Christ if needed?  This morning, we’ll look at what it meant for the original 12 Disciples to become disciples of Jesus, and what Jesus still asks of his disciples today, in 2020 America.



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