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Going All In

Going All In

Series: The Gospel of Mark

Where is Your Heart?

Billy Graham was once quoted as saying, “Give me five minutes with a person’s checkbook, and I’ll show you where their heart is.”  There’s a lot to be said for that.  Our calendar and our checkbook (or, in today’s terms, our online bank account) tell us something about where our time and our money go.

This morning, we will look at someone who really didn’t have anything to give, but gave anyway.  There are a lot of reasons that we come up with for not giving sacrificially: taking care of our finances, making sure we have food on the table, providing for our family are all understandable reasons to cut back.  I would never fault anyone for any of those.

However, there are often other things we buy, right?  While we make the above excuses for not giving more, we might go out and buy a new boat or side-by-side.  We might take shopping trips with friends just because.  We may sign the kids up for another camp because we want to make sure they stay busy all summer.  There’s often something that wiggles its way into our finances that’s not completely necessary.

Which brings us back to the question—where is your heart?  If your heart truly is on taking care of family, being financially responsible, etc., I get it.  But let’s not use that as an excuse when it’s not really true.  Checking our other purchases and comparing them with our giving rationale will keep us from telling ourselves things that aren’t really true.  It ultimately comes down to a heart issue.  Where is your heart?

      -Scott McFarland

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