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In Memory of Her

In Memory of Her

Series: The Gospel of Mark

Ch-ch-ch Changing 

If you laughed at this cartoon (or the article’s title), chances are you’re at least 30 years old.  Any younger, and you may not remember renting VHS tapes (or listening to David Bowie).  Any younger than 20 or so, and you probably don’t remember renting movies at all.  With our current ability to stream any video content directly online, Blockbuster, RedBox, or any kind of VHS or DVD rentals are a thing of the past.

Time flies, doesn’t it?  It seems that just when you’ve gotten used to something, it changes.  Our phones constantly update themselves, rearranging our apps and content so we have to relearn how to use them.  Companies change the way they offer services so we can’t assume what we got last year is still available.  With each passing year, things change and seem to become more and more complicated.

Even if you like change, too much of it can be overwhelming.  Aren’t you glad that some things don’t change?  Inevitably, things around us always will, but God promises us in Hebrews 13:8 that “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.”  The same God who made a promise to Abraham thousands of years ago is the same God who sent his Son into the world thousands of years later and is the same God we worship today, Sunday June 19th.  Many things change.  God never changes.

      -Scott McFarland

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