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Just As He Told You

Just As He Told You

Series: The Gospel of Mark

“I Told You”

“I told you”—ever say that to someone?  Or, ever hear it?  Usually, it’s not in a positive sense…  I remember hearing that as a kid when in an argument with friends.  If something happened that another had predicted earlier, “I told you” was the end of the argument.  The end result was proof, regardless of what anyone said or believed earlier.

Jesus never says, “I told you” to His disciples, but He could have.   So many times, Jesus had tried to tell His disciples: His kingdom was not of this world, He was going to die, He would be raised to new life.  They literally believed none of it.  In the end, they fought for His kingdom, they told Him He wouldn’t need to die, and they ignored His statements about resurrection.  Because of this, they were absolutely devastated after His death.  Given their prior beliefs, it didn’t make sense.

One of the great things about reading Scripture is the ability to see forward and backward in a way the people within the story could not.  We get the benefit of 2,000 years of history in the rearview mirror to see how it all played out.  I’d say it worked out pretty well, wouldn’t you?  Here we are 2,000 years later and Christianity is the largest world religion by a good margin.  While its followers certainly aren’t perfect, we have a belief system that attempts to make sense of evil and pain, gives us hope for a better future, and gives us strength for daily living.  If he wanted, Jesus could say, “I told you.” ????

-Scott McFarland

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