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Enduring a Difficult Marriage

Series: Living As You Are Called

Throughout our “Living As You Are Called” series, we’ve talked about marriage in terms of ideals—what things SHOULD look like.  But, what about when they don’t?  And, what if someone finds themselves in a situation that looks like it may never be what it SHOULD be.  Well, in the opening words of Veggie Tales, “Have we got a show for you!”

Seriously, though, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about this sermon over the years.  I realize that, as I talk about marriage, there are a significant number of people in our congregation that are living with less-than-ideal marriages and who may never get to experience the joy that marriage is and can be.  It’s not from lack of trying—they’ve tried for years to have a good marriage.  It’s not from lack of prayer—they’ve spent hours and hours on their knees asking God for better.  It’s simply because their spouse won’t move off whatever it is that makes things difficult, or won’t get help for their dysfunction, or isn’t interested in going to counseling, etc.  It’s out of this person’s hands.

What’s a person to do?  Should they just live that way?  Is there anything that can help, or does the Bible talk about it at all?  Actually, it does and yes, there may be some things that can help.  This morning, we’ll look at the story of Abigail in I Samuel 25, and the difficult marriage she was in before she got married to David.  We’ll look at the relationship between her and her husband and how Abigail dealt with this difficult person.  My hope and prayer is that it will give those of us in difficult marriages something to go off of to make things better.  I pray this is a blessing for all of those enduring a difficult marriage.

Scott McFarland

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