About Us

About Us

Cross behind our pulpit in the church building.Welcome to the Church of Christ meeting in Woodsfield, Ohio.


Within our auditorium we hold a worship service open to everyone.   We are led in several prayers to God and sing songs that praise Him and encourage each other. Most follow the songs using the overhead screen, but song books are in the pews for those who prefer to use them.

The central focus of this time each and every week is our participation in the Lord's Supper memorial. Matthew 26:26-29

The sermon sometimes focuses on a very specific Bible passage while at other times is more topical in nature.   Every time we meet, an invitation to accept God's grace through the waters of baptism is offered.

Simultaneously, a service is conducted in the Fellowship Building called Bible Hour.  This is intended for children in the 6th grade and younger and is conducted each Sunday Morning by two of our elders, Keith Jones and Duane Landefeld.  They incorporate Bible readings, story-telling, and puppets to teach God's word to these young minds.  

While Bible Hour was instituted primarily to minister to our JOY Bus riders, all children and teens are welcome to participate.

Scores of faithful, dedicated men have served as Elders and Deacons of the congregations over the years. Currently, the church is overseen by Bob Burrow of Beallsville, Keith Jones, who also serves as our Associate Minister, Duane Landefeld of Miltonsburg and Bob Kenney from Laings.

Ten faithful men serve as Deacons, helping to maintain the facilities and see to the day-to-day functions of the church.   Jeff Bettinger, Brent McConnell, Gary Jones and Dan Christman tend to the upkeep of the facilities and maintenance of the JOY buses. Howard Spengler organizes support of and maintains contact with our missionaries. Rudy Gauding oversees Bible classes. Butch Lallathin assists with youth activities. Alan Hamilton oversees our worship services and schedules various guest speakers. Ned Day is our treasurer. Brady Smith has been in charge of World Bible School for more than 30 years. 

Should you be interested in a Bible Study or would like a ride to church on one of our JOY Buses, please call the church office and speak with Goldie Chaplin or send us a message.