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"Til Death Do Us Part?" - 33m:43s

"Til Death Do Us Part?" - 33m:43s

Series: The Upside Down Kingdom

Scripture Reading: Matthew 5:27-30 ;   Sermon Series "The Upside Down Kingdom".

Marriage is a counter-cultural act in a throwaway society.  --Dr. William H. Doherty, marriage therapist

You’ve heard it before: marriage is tough. Between trying to ?gure out how to live with  someone else who leaves the seat up all the time, squeezes the toothpaste from the  wrong end, and puts the roll of toilet paper on backwards, you have to agree on  everything from which house to buy, to how to raise your kids, and how to handle  money. There’s a lot there that can, and does, go wrong.  

Our society increasingly has grown accustomed to items that are disposable. Eating  utensils, cups, cans, bottles, jars—-even our cell phones, car parts, kitchen appliances,  and other larger and more expensive items are becoming “non-fixable.” You just throw  them away and get a new one. While this is convenient, there are problem with a  disposable mindset.  

If we’re not careful, we can let the difficulty of marriage combine with the disposable  nature of our society and begin to back away from ?ghting for our marriage. As  Christians, we have a mandate from our Lord to ?ght for our marriages no matter what.  As our society becomes more and more used to the idea of “throw it away and get a new  one,” we have an incredible opportunity to set ourselves apart. People can look at us-—  the length of our marriages, and the ?ght we have given to keeping them --and think,  “There’s something different about them.” Will you ?ght for your marriage with me, as  we seek to be salt and light to a disposable world?    

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