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"Don't Post This..." - 25m:52s

"Don't Post This..." - 25m:52s

Series: The Upside Down Kingdom

Scripture Reading: Matthew 6:1-8; 16-18 ;   Sermon Series "The Upside Down Kingdom".

Can You Keep a Secret? 

The Duke of Wellington is best remembered as the general who defeated  Napoleon at Waterloo in 1815. During his earlier service in India,  Wellington was in charge of negotiations after the battle of Assaye. The emissary of an Indian ruler, anxious to know what territories would be ceded to his master, tried in various ways to get the information. Finally, he  offered Wellington a large sum of money. “Can you keep a secret?” "asked  Wellington. “Yes, indeed,” the man said eagerly. “So can I,” replied  Wellington.*

Anyone alive can think of a time when someone told you to keep a secret.  To have someone’s trust such that they would share valuable information  with you is an admirable quality. Resisting the urge to share this  information with others exhibits an inner strength on the part of the  con?dant--an inner strength that lays aside personal interests for the sake  of the other.  We talked about secrets this morning, albeit in a bit of a different  context. The similarity will remain, however, with this question-can you  keep a secret?  

* Story taken from  


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