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"Who's Got Your Money?" - 20m:44s

Series: The Upside Down Kingdom

Scripture Reading: Matthew 6:19-24

Where's Your Money? 

Godfrey Davis, who wrote a biography about the Duke of  Wellington, said, "l found an old account ledger that  showed how the Duke spent his money. It was a far better  clue to what he thought was really important than the  reading of his letters or speeches."**  

We've all heard the expression, "Put your money where  your where your mouth is." Maybe you’ve challenged  someone else with those words, or been challenged by  them. The meaning is real—often our money tells a more  accurate story as to where our priorities are than anything  else. Godfrey Davis’ observation about the Duke of  Wellington's ledger is not an uncommon one. Our words and our actions are sometimes two very different things.  Where is your money? If someone looked at your bank  statements, what would they see beyond the daily  necessities? Where's your money?    

* *Our Daily Bread, Aug. 1993  



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