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"Simple, But Hard" - 20m:44s

"Simple, But Hard" - 20m:44s

cripture Reading: Matthew 7:12-14

A Disciple Like His Teacher

A disciple is not above his teacher, but everyone when he is fully trained will  be like his teacher.  ——Luke 6:40  

Do you remember the 1984 movie Karate Kid? Daniel LaRusso begins  training with karate master Kesuke Miyagi after being beaten up by his  girlfriend's ex-boyfriend. ln an effort to help Daniel learn how to fight, Mr.  Miyagi begins training Daniel in karate and muscle memory exercises.  Eventually, Daniel beats his former nemesis in a karate match. He had  mastered the forms of karate Mr. Miyagi had taught him.

As disciples of Jesus, we are undergoing training as well. Each of us, if we  choose to learn from the Master, can become like Him. We have a choice,  however. We can either become diligent students and learn from our  Master, or we can ignore the teaching and live our lives how we want. If we  choose to learn, we grow in our training and understanding of the ways of  Christ to become more capable disciples of Jesus. We learn how to handle  life as a follower of God. lf we ignore our teaching, however, we forfeit  training that is invaluable to living a successful life. We only hurt ourselves in  the process of trying to live life how we see ?t.

How are you choosing to live life? Are you following the training of your  Master, in an effort to become like Him? Or, are you content with trying to  figure things out for yourself?



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