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"What Are You Building On? - 19m:30s

"What Are You Building On? - 19m:30s

Series: The Upside Down Kingdom

Scripture Reading: Matthew 7:24-29

New York City is known for its skyscrapers—-towering office buildings that rise out  of the cityscape, seemingly defying gravity and physics. The science--and art——of  building skyscrapers is relatively new. Only within the last 100 years have engineers  and construction companies dared to build such monstrous buildings. The Empire  State building was built in 1930 and for 40 years remained the tallest building in the  world at 1,250 feet. It was surpassed in 1973 by the World Trade Centers, which  were built to a height of 1,368 feet. Even the Trade Centers were eclipsed multiple  times in their lifetime by other world structures. The current title holder for world’s tallest building is the Burj Khalifa in the United Arab Emirates, standing at a  whopping 2,717 ft. tall.

Although the skyscraper’s height is what gets the attention, perhaps equally  impressive are their foundations. The Empire State building’s foundation reaches 55  feet below grade, the World Trade Centers reached 65 feet. New York skyscrapers’  foundations must reach far enough below the sandy soil of Manhattan to hit bedrock  or hard packed sand. Only then will a foundation be able to be laid sufficiently strong  enough to hold the weight of the structures (350,000 tons for the Empire State  building; 500,000 tons for each WTC tower!).

Just as in the life of a skyscraper, a Christian must dig a deep enough foundation to  weather the weight and storms of life. Only when difficult seasons come can we truly  understand if we have dug and built a deep enough foundation. How deep is your  foundation? Is it built strong enough to deal with the storms of life?        











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