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"The Brokenness of Loneliness" - 21m:33s

"The Brokenness of Loneliness" - 21m:33s

Series: Good News

Scripture Reading: John 14:15-18; Reference:  Joshua 1:1-9, Joshua 23:14

Everybody Gets Lonely Sometimes

 About halfway through a PBS program on the Library of Congress, Dr.  Daniel Boorstin, the Librarian of Congress, brought out a little blue box from a  small closet that once held the library's rarities. The label on the box read:  “Contents of the President's Pockets on the Night of April 14, 1865." Since that  was the fateful night Abraham Lincoln was assassinated, every viewer's  attention was seized. Boorstin then proceeded to remove the items in the small  container and display them on camera. There were five things in the box:  

*A handkerchief, embroidered "A. Lincoln"  
*A country boy's pen knife  
*A spectacles case repaired with string
*A purse containing a $5 bill-—Confederate money(!)
*Some old and worn newspaper clippings

“The clippings," said Boorstin, "were concerned with the great deeds of  Abraham Lincoln. And one of them actually reports a speech by John Bright  which says that Abraham Lincoln is "one of the greatest men of all times."  Today that's common knowledge. The world now knows that British statesman  John Bright was right in his assessment of Lincoln, but in 1865 millions shared  quite a contrary opinion. The President's critics were fierce and many. His was a  lonely agony that reflected the suffering and turmoil of his country ripped to  shreds by hatred and a cruel, costly war. There is something touchingly pathetic  in the mental picture of this great leader seeking solace and self—assurance from a few old newspaper clippings as he reads them under the fickering flame of a candle all alone in the Oval Office.

Even great men and women, in the quiet of life, get lonely sometimes.

--excerpt taken from Swindoll, The Quest For Character, Multnomah, p. 62-3.    




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