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"The Brokenness of Sexuality" - 23m:34s

"The Brokenness of Sexuality" - 23m:34s

Series: Good News

Scripture Reading: Genesis 2:22-24

John F. Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe, Bill Clinton and Monica  Lewinsky, Jesse James, Bill Cosby, Anthony Weiner, Woody Allen... 

 l could sit here and write a page of names, many of whom you would recognize, of celebrities and famous personalities who have been  caught in a sexual scandal of some kind. We sensationalize them and  put them on magazine covers and newsstands, mostly tosell more copies and make more money, but behind the tabloid front page there is a very serious and sad reality. We are broken people.  Broke in our views of what sexuality is, and how it is to be used.  Broken in  our expectations of relationships, and how they should be.  This brokenness drives us, destroys us, and ultimately leaves us feelmg  empty. ls there any hope?

This morning, we are continuing our series of Good News: How G0d is Going to Fix a Broken World by looking at the issues of our broken sexuality. Does God offer any solution to our failures to live up to His design for sexuality? How do our desires play themselves out in our  world, and how does God work in the midst of our pain and hurt in this area to redeem?

The good news is we serve a God of redemption and reconcilliation, a God who makes all things new. Join us as we discover more about Him!  









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