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"Orphan Sunday: - 16m:25s

Orphan's Lifeline is all about Churches of Christ caring for orphans in our  world. We have been serving Churches of Christ and orphans for the past 17  years and God has truly blessed this ministry. We currently have 22  orphanages in 9 third world countries that we fund and manage, over 1,200  children in care on a daily basis.  We want to do more and save more  children from starvation and abuse so they too can share in the salvation that  we all share. We can only do that by bringing more awareness of this need to  our brothers and sisters here in America so that more Christians can partner  with us in this great ministry. There are multiple millions of “true orphans” in  our world that need to be reached.

Kelvin Hoover has been preaching for Churches of Christ for 32 years. He and his wife, Kathy, met at the Adventures in Missions program in 1980 and  served on a team in Sydney, Australia. They returned to be married and then  headed back to Sunset International Bible institute graduating in 1985. They  served in a church plant in Stratford, Ontario, Canada for 11 yrs. They also  preached for the Livingston Church of Christ in MT for 14 years and served  with their sponsoring church in Plymouth, Ml for 5 yrs. They have 3 children,  all married, and serving our Lord at the Churches of Christ in their  communities along with their 6 grandchildren. They have been representing  Orphan's Lifeline to churches for the past 2 years. Kelvin has spoken at over  40 Churches of Christ the past 2 years sharing the opportunity to bless the  orphans lives with the love of God, the nourishment for the flesh and the soul.  He looks forward to sharing God's word with us.

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