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"I Want..." - 19m:33s

Series: More Than Rules: 10 Commandments for a 21st Century

Scripture Reading:  Exodus 20:17

I Want a Toy Train…

Did you visit Santa each year when you were a kid?  I’ll never forget my grandparents taking my sister and I to visit Santa Claus at the mall growing up.  Santa would be set up in the middle of the mall with an oddly placed “Santa’s Workshop” and a host of “elves” to help him attend to all of the children clamoring to sit on his lap and give him their Christmas list.  Usually, Santa has some sort of treat for the kids after they are done.  Oddly, the Santa we always visited gave out kid-sized cereal boxes to the children who visited.  I was probably too excited to be able to eat the Lucky Charms that our Mom never bought us to realize cereal wasn’t really that great of a gift from Santa Claus.

Christmas time, and the moment when the gifts are opened, is an exciting time for all of us, especially children.  If you are or have ever been a parent, you also know that it is a time when we can very easily undo the lessons of Thanksgiving we just taught our children a few weeks before.  Unfortunately, the Christmas holiday can quickly become about what we don’t have just as easily as celebrating the birth of our Savior.

This week, we’ll wrap up our series on the Ten Commandments, “More Than Rules.”  We end with the last commandment—“don’t covet.”  Is coveting simply desiring something we don’t have, or is it bigger than that?  Can I like or admire something without coveting?  My prayer is that we can answer these questions and grow in this area this morning as we wrap our series together.



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