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"God Can...Perform the Impossible" - 25m:50s

Series: God Can...

Scripture Reading:  Isaiah 7:14


We talk about impossible a lot…an impossible recovery, an impossible child, an impossible class at school, an impossible marriage.  Impossible usually means we have things figured out, right?  We know how this goes, we know how it ends.  There’s no sense in fighting for or thinking about anything else, because how things are is how things will always be.  We instead start looking for ways to cope with reality—counseling our grief, retreating from our pain, ignoring the child, giving up on the class, keeping ourselves busy in order to forget.  Whatever our reaction is, it is often done out of a lost hope; things can’t—and won’t—get any better.

But, what if we’re wrong?  What if everything we’ve thought about in the situation is only due to our limited ability to see ahead, and to know what the possibilities are?  What if we’re just nearsighted?  What if our vision of how the world could be is too small?

2,000 years ago, God’s people had given up.  The Roman government had been an oppressive ruler for decades, with no sign of weakening or giving up.  God had literally been silent for 400 years—no prophets, no writings from God’s inspired authors.  Seemingly, God had forgotten about them.  Then, everything changed.  In a stable one night in Bethlehem, a young mother gave birth.  It was, by all accounts, no normal birth.  And God, through this baby boy, was just starting to show His people that “all things are possible.”





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