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"God Can...Do the Unexpected" - 24m:56s

Series: God Can...

Scripture Reading:  Micah 5:1-6

God Can…Do the Unexpected

Long-time actress and comedienne Gracie Allen once received a small, live alligator as a gag. Not knowing what to do with it, Gracie placed it in the bathtub and then left for an appointment. When she returned home, she found this note from her maid: "Dear Miss Allen: Sorry, but I have quit. I don't work in houses where there is an alligator. I'd a told you this when I took on, but I never thought it would come up.*

God’s like that, isn’t He?  Not as far as giving people alligators, but isn’t He like that—to do the unexpected?  Sometimes, God shows up in the funniest of ways, with the most unusual of circumstances.  Have you ever experienced this?  Maybe it was a note in the mail when you needed it most, an unexpected check from a relative when you were under financial stress, or a funny joke when you needed a laugh.  Scriptures tells us that not one sparrow falls to the ground without God knowing it (Matt. 10:29)—don’t you think that God gives us what we need in a way that would be most meaningful?  This morning as we wrap up our sermon series “God Can,” we’ll look at a special gift that was given in a most unexpected way.

Merry Christmas!





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