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"I Will Not Remember Your Sins" - 21m:55s

Series: New Year, New Start

Scripture Reading:  Isaiah 43:22-28


“The penalty that good men pay for not being interested in politics is to be governed by men worse than themselves.”  —Plato

While applied to the political sphere, Plato’s words on apathy couldn’t be more true for our spiritual lives as well.  As we journey along the road of life, our relationships with God can, if we aren’t careful, be tossed aside amid the more pressing issues that plague us daily.  Trying to keep up with a job, maintaining a house or car, struggling to raise a family, getting lost in a hobby—all of these are necessary and good things.

Like Plato’s warning, however, apathy has consequences.  Not caring about who runs your government results in people you wouldn’t want running a hardware store serving in office.  Years of not taking care of the exterior of your house will lead to water intrusion and damage.  Years of not working on your marriage can lead to significant struggles and divorce.  Years of neglecting a relationship with your kids can result in estranged adult children and, eventually, grandchildren.  Why should our spiritual lives be any different?

This morning, we’ll continue the second part of our series “New Year, New Start” with a look at spiritual apathy and how God responds.



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