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"The Most Important Conversation" - 25m:16s

Series: Coffee With Jesus: Coversations With The Savior

Scripture Reading:  Luke 3: 1-16

Coffee with Jesus

Like many of you, probably, I enjoy a good cup of coffee.  There’s something about sitting down with a hot cup, feeling the warmth of the mug, watching the steam rise off the top, and tasting the bitter and awakening flavor of the roasted beans (Unless, of course, you happen to load your coffee with copious amounts of sugar and creamer.  Then, you’ve ruined it).

The only thing that makes a good cup of coffee better is enjoying it with a friend.  There’s something about sitting down with a loved one and a cup of coffee that seems to help the conversation come so easily.  It almost seems like even difficult conversations can be made easier with a cup of your favorite hot beverage.  Mine happens to be coffee, but maybe you like tea or something else.

What if you could have coffee with Jesus?  Or tea?  Or, just a good private, one-on-one conversation where you could ask him anything you wanted, or maybe He could tell you anything He wanted?  What would that be like?  

Oddly, this kind of happens in the Bible.  The Gospel of John is unique among the gospels for many reasons, but one distinguishing element is that it includes these private conversations Jesus has with individuals or groups that become very personal.  Men like Nicodemus and women like Mary and Martha experienced Jesus from a different angle—a more human angle, perhaps.  What did Jesus say in these conversations?  What did these people ask Him, and what did He want them to know?  What does He want us to know?  We may not be able to sit down with Jesus over a cup of coffee, but we can come pretty close.  His Word gives us insight into these very private conversations Jesus had with these individuals.  Over the next several weeks, I hope you’ll make an effort to be here as we take a look at these conversations in our new series entitled, “Coffee with Jesus: Conversations with the Savior.”



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