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"Wait" - 25m:43s

Series: Famous Last Words

Scripture Reading:  Luke 24:44-49

Famous Last Words


This morning, we kick off a new sermon series—“Famous Last Words.”  I’ll introduce it a little more during our time together, but I hope to capture three important concepts Jesus left with his disciples, and us, in the last few weeks of His time on earth.

The title of our first lesson in the series is “Wait.”  I remember growing up, my mom and dad often used that word in response to something my sister and I were asking.  If we wanted to go somewhere, do something, get something, the answer could potentially be, “Wait.” Chances are good you’ve probably used that on your own children, or heard that as a kid as well.

We struggle with that word, don’t we?  “Wait” is not a fun thing for anyone to do.  It often means postponing dreams, hopes, fears, closure, and answers.  We want to know what is going to happen today, not tomorrow, and we don’t want to have things hanging out in the great unknown.  And yet, there is a time for waiting. Why? Let’s look at a passage this morning from a group of believers who had to answer that same question.



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