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"Is This It? The Junk of Doubt" - 29m:11s

Series: Got Junk? Dealing With the Messes of Life

Scripture Reading:  Luke 7:18-28


Carl Rogers, the U.S. psychologist, was 22 years old when he entered Union Theological Seminary in New York in 1924. While there, he participated in a seminar organized to explore religious doubts. Rogers later said of the group, "The majority of thinking their way through questions they had raised, thought themselves right out of religious work. I was one."*

Chances are pretty good, even if you haven’t been to college and sat in on a philosophy class attacking Christianity, that you’ve experienced doubts in your life about your faith in God.  We all have them. Some of the writers of the Bible even had them. What we do with them, is the key. Join us this morning as we explore Luke 7 and the next lesson in our Got Junk? Series: “Is This It?”

*Story taken from





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