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"The Junk of Control" - 27m:02s

Series: Got Junk? Dealing With the Messes of Life

Scripture Reading:  Luke 4:13-16


Control…it’s so subliminal you don’t even notice you’re doing it: maneuvering a conversation the way you want it to go, dropping emails to see how they’ll respond, ignoring phone calls so they’ll feel more desperate, staying in the fast lane just a little bit longer so they get more impatient.

And, before you think I’m just a bit twisted for suggesting all the above, think about it.  How in the past have you tried to control someone or something? Maybe it’s not someone, but it’s something—an event, a party, a meeting.  Chances are pretty good you’ve struggled on some level with this.

It seems as though, to one degree or another, humans like to be in control.  We feel more at ease when we can predict an outcome, or a person’s reaction, or a particular set of variables.  Control is at best intoxicating and at least comforting. We see everyone from politicians to parents exhibiting some level of a need to control.  And yet, we know that the desire to control runs counter to most everything we read in Scripture. Join us this morning as we look at a familiar passage in an unfamiliar way and talk about the need to control.



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