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"The Junk of Anger" - 26m:40s

Series: Got Junk? Dealing With the Messes of Life

Scripture Reading:  Ephesians 4:26-27


The Junk of Anger

We’ve all done it.  Before we can think, the words fly out of our mouth.  Someone made us angry, and we fly off the handle or come back with a smart remark and a jab.  Or, we resort to physical action to vent our frustrations—shoving, hitting, throwing. After the rage subsides, we apologize, but the damage has been done.

My uncle once told me “anger” is one letter away from “danger.”  He is right…it doesn’t take much for our anger to become a means by which we tear down others, rip apart ourselves, or physically hurt someone or damage something.  Over time, the damage done by anger is irreparable. It will consume and destroy things beyond our ability to fix them, no matter how apologetic we are. Our kids, our spouses, our friends, our jobs—even ourselves—are all at risk.

So, how do we deal?  Do we stuff it? Do we somehow garner as much self-control as we possibly can and ignore what is upsetting us?  Or, do we invest in a good punching bag or a dog we can kick regularly (just kidding!). Seriously, what do we do?

Paul has some interesting remarks about anger I want to look at today.  Let’s look at Scripture together to see how, and why, we need to deal with this.


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