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"All In With My Life" 22m:34s

"All In With My Life" 22m:34s

Series: All In: A Journey Through Acts

Scripture Reading:  Acts 7:55-60


ALL IN with my Life

What did you want to be when you grew up?  I believe I’ve shared with you I wanted to be a cowboy.  I had the boots, spurs, chaps, hat—the whole get up. I used to ride around on my pretend horse, rounding up cattle and catching the bad guys.  But really, what did you want to be when you grew up? What did you want to do, what did you want to be like? Did you have any dreams for yourself?

Did you ever dream of being persecuted for your faith?  I’d guess probably not. Most of us shy away from pain, and have no interest in engaging in something that brings hardship.  Yet, one of the odd things I find when I read about the early church in Acts is that they were ready and WILLING to suffer and die for their message.  We’ll read and discuss a story this morning where that clearly seems to be the case. What could the lesson be for us? Does God want us to have a death wish?  Is the Christian life just a kamikaze mission towards the nearest source of persecution? Find out this morning and join us as we continue our ALL IN series!




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