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"All In To Reach Others" - 28m:55s

Series: All In: A Journey Through Acts

Scripture Reading:  Acts 8:26-31

Who’s Drowning?

In September of 1985, an annual party was held to close another successful summer at the New Orleans (LA) Municipal Pools.  It was, not surprisingly, a pool party attended by over 200 people. The party was especially meaningful, because this was the first season in recent memory of those attending where there had not been any drowning incidents at any of the municipal pools city-wide.  As everyone was leaving the pool, someone noticed a body in the deep end. Jerome Moody, 31, was recovered from the pool—he was an invited guest at the party, and somewhere in the course of the celebration had fallen in the pool and drowned. There were four lifeguards on duty that day.  100 of the attendees to the party were certified lifeguards. They were celebrating a successful pool season with no fatalities. A sad and tragic irony.


We get together every Sunday to celebrate the new and eternal life we have in Jesus.  And yet, the tragic irony of our celebration is that even during the very moments we are singing songs worshipping God for this salvation, there are people in our county dying and going to hell.  The question we should all ask ourselves is, “Do I care?” and “What will I do about it?” Join us this morning as we close out our ALL IN series with “ALL IN to Reach Others.”




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