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Dealing With Debt

Series: Money

Scripture Reading:  Deuteronomy 28:12-14
Sermon Series:  Money

Dealing with Debt

A man was once boasting to an acquaintance, "We have a whole room full of furniture from France that goes back to Louis the 14th." "That's nothing," replied the other. "We've got a whole house full of furniture from Sears that goes back to Harry on the first."**

It’s a humorous story, but sadly all too common.  Whether you’ve been unable to make payments on something you bought, or you’ve simply looked at your credit card statement each month and it made your stomach churn a little, you know what it’s like to be in over your head.  It seems like it’s so easy to do today. Everything is offered on credit, and you can make payments on a puppy if you don’t have the cash right now (no joke, this is a real thing).

So, what should Christians approach to debt be?  In so many ways, debt is inescapable. No one has the cash to plunk down for a home or a college education.  Do we simply avoid all things that entail debt? Do we avoid college and home ownership until we can save the cash?  Join us this morning as we continue our “Money” series entitled: “Dealing with Debt.”

**Joke taken from


Dealing with Debt (part 2)

So, if you were with us for worship last week, you read my really good article on debt (at least I was pretty proud of it).  And, then we had a snowstorm and I decided to do something completely different for the sermon as I wasn’t sure who would be here for worship or not.  Consequently, the lesson today coincides with the bulletin article from last week. And, I didn’t know what to write for a second bulletin article on debt, except to talk about some things that I’ve (and others I’ve known) have experienced.

It’s not a secret my generation is the most debt-laden generation of any of the generations before it.  For the most part, we have student loans to thank for this. However, the idea of debt has become something my generation has become increasingly comfortable with.  Something I am noticing now that I am in my 30s, however, is how much the decisions of my generation’s years in their twenties are affecting them a decade later. Because of poor financial decisions and incurring more debt than necessary, some are not in a position to do things they really want to do—purchase a home, start a family, have some disposable income, etc.  I remember being in college and seeing some of my friends purchase cameras and TVs with their leftover student loan money. This was money they were loaned for college tuition, but due to scheduling fewer classes than anticipated, they had leftover money. I remember figuring up how much that $600 TV would really cost after the loans were paid.

Please understand, I am not judging anyone.  I have made plenty of my own financial mistakes.  Unnecessary debt can be one of the most crippling things for a young couple trying to make their way in the world, for an older couple trying to retire or cut back on work, or for a middle aged mom or dad trying to raise a family.  This morning, we’ll try to find out what God thinks about debt. Is all debt wrong? Does God want us to pay cash for everything? Should we avoid credit cards completely? How should we as believers view debt? Join us for our next lesson in the “Money” series: “Dealing with Debt.”


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