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A Penny Saved...

Series: Money

Scripture Reading:  Proverbs 10:4-5
Sermon Series:  Money

A Penny Saved…

Most of us can finish the phrase, “…is a penny earned.”  The phrase popularized so long ago by Benjamin Franklin has maintained its place in our American English, even though in reality most of us no longer save pennies (maybe you do?  I usually end up with too many in my change drawer and try to pawn them off on some unsuspecting drive through worker in exchange for my hamburger.) We publicly admire ideals like saving, but privately most of us aren’t, statistically.  The average percentage of American savings has declined steadily over the last century. Yet, Scripture encourages saving. As we continue in our “Money” series, we’ll look at another topic that seems so relevant and needed today. How does God view saving?  Is it biblical? If so, how should I? Thanks for joining us




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