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Looking For A Few Good Men...Deacons

Looking For A Few Good Men...Deacons

Series: Leadership

Scripture Reading:  1 Timothy 3:8-13

We Need Leaders!
Part 2

If you were with us last week, you heard the first message on Elders in our 2 part series on church leadership, “Looking for a Few Good Men.”  Today, we’ll be continuing and finishing that series with a lesson on Deacons. By no means are these the only lessons in which we could discuss church leadership, but because of the month’s focus on establishing new elders and new deacons, this is what our eldership has requested we study.

For the sake of those who were not able to be here last week, I’m going to repeat much of the bulletin article from last week.  Here at the Woodsfield Church of Christ, we’ve been blessed to have good, godly deacons, elders and ministers that have set the vision for the future of this congregation.  As we have many times in the past, we are at a point where we need additional elders and deacons. In the month of March, we will take a break from our study through Colossians to focus on this need of additional leaders.  Specifically, we are going to reaffirm two of our existing elders, then move to adding additional elders and deacons. March 3rd and 10th, I’ll be preaching on elders and deacons and their qualifications.  On March 17th, you’ll be asked to reaffirm some of our existing elders, and March 24th there will be a call to for new elder nominations from the congregation.  After we’ve established any new elders, we’ll move to doing the same for new deacons.

I hope you’ll be in prayer about this.  Opportunities such as these only come around so often.  The future of the church rises and falls on its leaders.  As we hear from God’s word and what He desires in these men, begin considering who in our own congregation may be fit to serve in these roles.

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