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Get Out Before You Strike Out

Series: How Do I Deal With Temptation

Scripture Reading: II Timothy 2:20-22

Falling off the Edge

Have you ever been to the Grand Canyon?  If not the Grand Canyon, maybe the New River Gorge Bridge in West Virginia, or another destination where there’s a lot of height involved.  I’ve been to the Grand Canyon once, and it is breath taking—not just the views of the canyon, but looking down to the bottom! It’s almost dizzying how far down it goes.  I have a fear of heights, so anytime I get up close to something with that much height or distance to the bottom, I imagine what it would be like to fall to the very bottom: how long it would take, how it would feel, would I have time to think, etc.  I know, great stuff to think about, right? Unsettling, to say the least. Usually, I quickly follow those thoughts up with what I would have to do to avoid falling off the edge…

Have you ever thought about falling into temptation?  We use that phrase a lot, to “fall into temptation.” Mostly we use it to describe how we ended up in a mess.  Have you wondered what it would take to avoid the fall in the first place? What kinds of steps should I take next time, what types of things should I look for? Etc.  This morning, we’re going to talk about that. Last week, we talked about identifying the temptation. This week, we’re going to talk about what to do after you know the problem.  Join us in our next lesson in the series: “How Do I Deal with Temptation?”


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