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Coming Back From Disappointment

Scripture Reading: John 13:36-38

Dealing with Disappointment

Have you ever failed?  And when I say fail, I mean really failed.  Like, the “I really blew it this time” type of fail.  The failure that could radically change the rest of this year, or your life.  The kind of failure that you’ll probably look back on with regret for a long, long time.

I think its part of life to fail, and it’s pretty common to have one of these types of failures at least once.  Most of us can think back to something in our life that we did horribly wrong and we still regret. The question going forward is not, “What should I have done?” but, “What should I do now?”  We realize we can’t change the past. So, what can we do in the future?

This Sunday, we’ll look at a Bible character that failed big time.  Peter’s denial of Christ on the night before he died was probably one of the greatest regrets of Peter’s life, and one that threatened the future health of the church.  Join us as we look at what happened, and what we can learn.



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