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Confess Your Sins To...Who?

Series: Love One Another

Scripture Reading: James 5:13-20

Political Confessions


In 1884 Grover Cleveland was running against James G. Blaine for the presidency of the U.S. Blaine supporters discovered that Cleveland, who was a bachelor at the time, had fathered a son by Mrs. Maria Crofts Halpin, an attractive widow who had been on friendly terms with several politicians. Subsequently, Republicans tried to pin an immorality tag on Democrat Cleveland by distributing handbills showing an infant labeled "One more vote for Cleveland" and by having paraders chant, "Ma, Ma, where's my pa? Gone to the White House, Ha, Ha, Ha!" The move, however, backfired badly. Rather than deny the story, Cleveland decided to tell the truth and admit the intimacy. This candor helped defuse the issue, and Cleveland was elected president.*

It is interesting that sometimes our greatest moments of shame and honesty become the turning point in which people see us as trustworthy.  However, it is so hard to bring ourselves to the point of confession to what we have done. Our fears, our thoughts of what we have to lose often cloud our judgment and cause us to hesitate and offer half-truths, if any truth.  Why is confession so important particularly for us as Christians? And why is it so hard? Let’s explore the difficult subject this morning in our last message in our “One Another Series.”

*From the Book of Lists, #2, p. 35.



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