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Families Who Serve Each Other

Series: How to Have the Family You Always Wanted

Scripture Reading: Mar 10:35-45

How to Have the Family You Always Wanted

One of my dad’s favorite TV shows growing up was “Leave it to Beaver.”  In the TV show, as in most 50s and early 60s sitcoms, everything in the Cleaver household was spotless.  The family rarely showed any dysfunction, and any tensions were resolved in 30 minutes. Life was great.

Unfortunately, we know this isn’t always the case.  Families are often dysfunctional, have poor attitudes toward each other, struggle to be around one another, and in general have a difficult time.  Even the best families fight sometimes and have less than stellar moments. Several years ago Gary Chapman, well known counselor and author, wrote a book called, “Have the Family You Always Wanted: Five Ways You Can Make it Happen.”  In the book, Chapman outlines 5 different Scriptural attitudes members of the family can develop to change the dynamic in their family. Over the next 5 weeks, we’re going to be exploring these different areas. From Servanthood, to Intimacy, to Obedience, to Leadership and everything in between, we’ll see what Scripture lays out for families—and all of us—to do so we can be healthier relationally.  By the way, this would be a great time to bring a friend! Invite someone you know to join us as we go through this series, “How to Have the Family You Always Wanted.”


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