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The Home: How Do We Handle the Challenges of 21st Century Life?

Series: Family Week - "Protecting the Home"

Living in the Modern Age

Every day on my way to the office here at church, I pass by one of the Amish houses along our road.  Depending on the day, there might be laundry hanging out to dry in the front yard, or one of the kids working the garden or tending to the horses.  Images of a simpler life are constantly in front of my eyes as I travel to my work where I will—in a short amount of time—turn on my laptop and check email, respond to a few friends on Facebook, create Powerpoints slides for my lessons, and text and call members on issues they are dealing with or things that are going on at church.  It is a weird experience observing and participating in such opposite worlds.

Many of us probably have thought it would just be easier to live like the Amish.  In a moment of frustration with technology or with the constant bombardment of social media, we yearn for a life absent of noise and complication.  However, the reality is that our world continues to become noise-filled and complicated, and it doesn’t look like those things are going away.  So, what do we do with it?

How do we respond to a complicated and increasingly Godless 21st century culture?  Do we go Amish and pull away completely?  Do we engage all the more?  Or, is there another approach?  Does the Bible even say anything about this stuff?  This week, we’ll look at several big issues that are facing us in the 21st century as believers, and talk about how do we deal with that.  Issues like mental health, addiction, child sex abuse, and raising healthy children are a few of the topics we’ll cover.  Join us again tonight at 6pm, then each night Monday-Wednesday at 7pm for a talk on one of these issues.  We’ll even get together and eat dinner the hour before (5pm Sunday, 6pm Mon-Wed) if you’d like to enjoy a meal beforehand in the fellowship hall.  I hope you’ll make an effort to be here one or all of these nights this week.  I think you’ll find it beneficial.








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