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Give Me A Break

Give Me A Break

Series: The Gospel of Mark

Scripture Reading: Mark 6:  30-34


Give Me a Break

Give me a break, give me a break, break me off a piece of that Kit Kat Bar…  Remember those commercials?  The Kit Kat jingle was once cited in a study by the University of Cincinnati as one of the top ten “ear worms” in our culture (an ear worm is a short song or jingle meant to get stuck in your head, usually used in advertising).  I think one of the reasons it has been around for so long is not just because Kit Kats are great candy or because the tune was catchy, but because people identify with the slogan: “Give me a break!”

Last week we talked about Jesus’ hectic schedule one Sabbath in Capernaum.  The point of the lesson was the need to take a break. “If you don’t take a break, the break will take you” was one of our slides, describing the necessity of taking time to rest before our bodies and minds give out, just as Jesus did.  The question I’d like to follow up with today is, “How?” How do I take a break? It’s one thing to know you need a break, but actually doing it is a different matter! “What do I do if my schedule won’t allow a break?” “How do I manage my family’s needs, my boss’ work demands, and then have time left over to rest or do something for myself?”  These are just a few of the questions we’ll look at Scripture to answer this morning in our next lesson, “Give Me a Break!”


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