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Father Knows Best

My dad was never a fan of the TV sitcom, “Father Knows Best,” but he grew up in the same general era. The era of the 50s and 60s TV was known for its sitcom dad personalities that always seemed to have the situation under control and were available to their children to give them sound advice. In many ways, my dad was that kind of father as well. I remember at times not liking the advice he would give—either because he was being too realistic for my tastes or because I simply disagreed. Those moments often found me either begrudgingly taking the advice or outright rejecting it. Either way, I usually came to find out after all was said and done that dad was right after all.

In our sermon this morning, we look at (or looked at, depending on when you read this ) the advice of an earthly father toward his son. He is advising his son on ways to live righteously. Whether the son takes the advice or not is unknown. However, the question might be asked of us, “Do you trust your Heavenly Father knows best?” We often treat our Heavenly Father the same way we treat (or treated) our earthly fathers. We dismiss their wisdom, insisting on our own way. Or, we grumpily go along, all the while having a bad attitude because it’s not what we wanted. Time and time again throughout Scripture, however, we are shown our Heavenly Father does know best. It may not seem like it at the time, but in the end when all is revealed, we’ll see He knew what He was doing all along.

-Scott McFarland

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