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I Am A Citizen

Series: FB LIVE

An Election Prayer

Heavenly Father, Creator of all and Ruler of all,

We come before You to ask You for wisdom as another election approaches.

Grant us wisdom and discernment as we prepare to vote.

We thank you for the privilege of living in a country where we are free to express our desires for government.

We thank you for the privilege of the freedoms we enjoy because of this government.

We also realize, Father, that these freedoms are secondary to that which has already been given us in Jesus.

Help us to understand where our highest allegiances lie, and where are true citizenship is.

Help us to see that whatever happens, You still call us to live in holiness and Godliness.

Give us boldness to hold our leaders accountable for ways in which they fall short of their God-given roles and responsibilities.

Give us impartiality and remove blindness from our eyes. Help us to see beyond our party affiliations.

Give us wisdom to elect the best men and women to office, ones who will act in the best interest of all in this country and will guide our nation as You would have it led.

Father, we pray that our actions and decisions would be honoring and glorifying to You in this season.

In all of this we pray in the name of Your Son, Jesus Christ,


-Scott McFarland

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