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Series: Managing Transition

The Times They Are a-Changin’

I’m not a Bob Dylan fan, but I was reminded this week of this song title, written in October 1963 and released early 1964 by the famed singer.  The song was prophetic and continues to echo even today as people use the title of the song to describe change and transition.  It was written just before Kennedy’s assassination in November, which seemed to be the beginning of what became a very chaotic decade of change and transition in America.  Political and social upheaval characterized the decade, with several assassinations of high-profile figures, the Vietnam War and its protests, and a growing wave of changing morals that would become the sexual revolution of the 60s-80s.

However you remember it, the 1960s changed life for society forever.  Since that time, change has become normalized and even faster paced.  We are constantly subjected to new technologies, shifting morality, and an increasingly polarized society that results from these changes.  That’s the bad news.  What’s the good news?

The good news is that there is a way to navigate the change and transition.  God’s people have had to do it time and time again throughout history, and we could learn some lessons from them.  This week, we’ve embarked on a new series: Managing Transition.  This year has been one marked with changes.  Join us as we look at how the people of Israel dealt with change and attempt to learn from their successes and failures.


                                                                                                   -Scott McFarland

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