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Wilderness Wandering

Wilderness Wandering

Series: Managing Transition

Waiting in the Wilderness

If you’re reading this, by now you’ve likely heard us work through the second part of our Transitions series “Wilderness Wandering.” We discussed some passages in the “in-between” phase of the Exodus, where the Israelites were safe and out of Egypt, but they weren’t in the Promised Land yet. One of the issues making the wilderness period of life so difficult is the waiting stage. Waiting is hard, not only because of the time involved but also the patience required—patience that is needed in spite of the final outcome still being unknown! I love this partial quote by author JohnMax well. He is discussing the different characters in the Bible who all waited years for something to happen (Abraham, Noah, Joseph, Job).

He is discussing leadership specifically, but I think it applies to everyone:

“God prepares leaders in a crockpot, not a microwave. More important than the awaited goal is the work God does in us while we wait. Waiting deepens and matures us, levels our perspective, and broadens our understanding. Tests of time determine whether we can endure seasons of seemingly unfruitful preparation and indicate whether we can recognize and seize the opportunities that come our way.” So, what are you waiting on? Maybe it’s an answer to a prayer you’ve prayed for years. Maybe it’s for God to act in a situation that is so painful or difficult. I don’t know what you’re waiting for specifically, but I do know there are lessons to be learned as we wait. God is teaching us.

-Scott McFarland

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