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Rescued From Death

Series: Victory In Christ

This morning we began a new series through Romans 7 and 8 entitled: “Victory in Christ.”  In these two chapters, Paul lays out his own version of the gospel message and shows us how we have been blessed with hope in Jesus.  Paul never wrote a gospel, but in sections such as Romans 7 and 8 he explains the hope that we have as believers in Christ.

If you’ve ever had a near death experience, you know the overwhelming feeling of relief after going through one.  There is nothing like the feeling of getting through something where you felt like your life was in danger.  The gratitude for the outcome not being worse is hard to explain.  Adrenaline courses through your body, you are shaking.  Maybe you even started to cry.  The body has a number of different responses to trauma and its after-effects.

Whether you have nearly died physically or not, all of us have nearly died.  The Bible makes it pretty clear where we were headed before we met Christ.  All of us were enemies of God (Rom. 5:10) and heading to hell (Rom. 6:23).  Thank God that’s not where our stories ended!  Each Sunday, we gather as the redeemed who have been rescued from the darkness of an eternity without our Creator.  Each Sunday, we gather to remember our “near death experience” that was taken away from us by Jesus on the cross.  We celebrate because we have been rescued from death!

-Scott McFarland

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