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Suffering & Glory

Series: Victory In Christ

A Glory to Be Revealed

This morning, we looked at Paul’s comments in Romans 8 and that, even though we experience heartache in the hear and now, the glory that is to be revealed to us after this life is worth far more in comparison.

Have you ever wondered what heaven will be like? The other night I stopped on my way into the house and stared up at the night sky. Since my dad has passed, it’s been something I do more frequently. Dad loved the stars and astronomy, so I always feel a connection to him when I look at the night sky. It was a clear, cold winter night and the stars were shining brightly. I thought, “I wonder if that’s what heaven will be like.” Whether it’s a crystal clear night sky, or a beautiful sunrise or sunset, we all have wondered what heaven will be like.

I think it’s healthy to entertain those thoughts. We really don’t have a lot of physical descriptions about heaven in the Bible, and the descriptions we do have could be argued as mostly figurative. I don’t think we really know what it will be like, but entertaining thoughts about it are healthy. It builds our anticipation.

I remember as a kid dreaming about becoming an adult (if I’d only known, right?). As a kid, “getting older” has such a mystical appeal. You imagine all of the things you’ll do when you get older—drive a car, buy your own house, get married, get a job… Independence! Kids have no way of knowing what it will be like except to watch other grown-ups, but it looks so exciting. What if we treated heaven like kids treat becoming an adult? We dream about it, imagine what it will be like, think about what we’ll do… It builds our anticipation. Dream. Think about heaven. Imagine what it will be like when you see your loved one again. Imagine what it will be like to ask God all of your questions and to finally have answers. Dreaming builds anticipation. Imagining gets us excited. And ultimately, building our ideas of what heaven will be like helps us get through all of the difficulties of the present. Because…heaven is greater.


-Scott McFarland

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