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Never Say Never

Series: To the Ends of the Earth

Growing up, I heard the phrase, “Never say never to God.” The thought, of course, was that God can (and often will) do anything because He’s God. We limit Him in our minds when we think this will *never* happen or this person will *never* become a Christian.

This morning, we looked at a passage and some stories where God clearly acts outside of the bounds of what the early Christians thought was possible. The question for us is, how are we limiting God? Is there an area of our lives, a person or a group of people, where we silently say to ourselves, “God will never…”

One thing is for sure, I never want to be guilty of saying to God, “You won’t.” I also don’t want to be guilty of lacking in my effort to reach out to someone because I think, “He won’t.” Is there someone or something in your life you keep thinking, “God will never…” Why? What if He wants to and is waiting for you to be a part of it?

-Scott McFarland

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