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When You Don't Have Enough Faith

Series: The Gospel of Mark

What Are You Arguing About?

After the Transfiguration in Mark 9, Jesus and the three disciples (Peter, James, and John) return to the rest of the group to find an argument is taking place.  The scribes—Jewish religious leaders, probably from Jerusalem—have come and are arguing with the disciples.  A man has brought his son to be healed and the disciples can’t do it.  We’re not sure what the argument is about, but it was probably something to do with religion—why the disciples were unable to cast out the demon and the scribes’ thoughts on what should or shouldn’t be done.  A man was hurting with a son in desperate need of help and the two religious groups were arguing about theology.

Ironic, isn’t it?  Sad, really.  And yet, if we stop and think about it, this happens a lot—arguments over unimportant matters.  The world is dying and going to hell and all too often we find ourselves engaging in religious debates and squabbles with other believers.  Obviously, there are important matters of faith which must be discussed, maybe even argued.  But no one in need of help should suffer while we are distracted with our energies directed towards other believers.  What do you argue about with other people?  Is it really important in the grand scheme of eternity?  I wonder if we as Christians focused our energies more on people in need of Jesus, where we would be.  Perhaps we would find there is more work to do than we realized, and the things we once thought were important may be recategorized to be discussed at a later date…or maybe not at all.

    -Scott McFarland

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