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The Hope of Nations

Lights. Parties. Candy and Cookies. Music. This time of the year is filled with fun and joyful things, isn’t it? Even if you’re not a big Christmas person, you probably appreciate this time of the year because things are upbeat and positive. Hopeful.

At a time in our society when things are so difficult and challenging, having something to look forward to is important. Abby and I have noticed that people seem to have put up Christmas lights earlier this year and last year. Of course, many of you started listening to Christmas music immediately after Halloween ???? These practices speak to our need of hope and our desire to have something to look forward to.

I’ve often said that we have the best message anyone can imagine. We know the cure to all of our problems—Jesus! Shouldn’t we of all people be happy and hopeful, especially at this time of the year? As we begin our week leading up to the big day, let’s not forget the Reason for the Season, and the Hope that brings us true joy. Jesus.

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